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Higgins and Turano Family Tree

W. Higgins

L. Whitlock

John Simpson

I. Mc Gougan
Born in Italy
James Turano
Born in Italy
Adelia Muto
Born in Ohio
Fern Nearpass
Born in Ohio
C. Harmon

Born in Charlottetown, PEI; died in Tampa, FL 1967
Neil Higgins

Born in Malpeque, PEI Dec. 17
Louise Simpson

Died Febrary 2000
Tom Turano

Born in Ohio
Jane Nearpass

Born in Charlottetown, PEI on Jan. 22; Naturalized US 1963
Donald Higgins

Born in Cleveland, Ohio August 16
Charlotte Turano

Born in Indiana
Dodd Disler
Born in St. Petersburg, Florida October 17
Heather Higgins
Born in St. Petersburg, Florida May 22
Holly Higgins
Born in Key West, Florida
Chris Carter

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